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Jose Luis Barron, CNHP, HTH




(Bilingual English-Spanish)

Doctor of Naturopathy Program, Trinity School of Natural Health, Graduate


Certified Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Natural Health, Graduate

Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Graduate

Exercise Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified PN1, Graduate

Acharya Master, Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition, Conferred Title

Reiki Master, Usui Ryoho Tradition, Conferred Title

Meditation Teacher, The Southern California Psychic Institute,  Graduate

Veronica Hinojos, R.M.




(solo en Espanol)


Reiki Master, Tradicion Usui Ryoho, Titulo Conferido

Terapeuta en Integracion Emocional, Certificada IE

Maestra de Meditacion, Tradicion Budista Mahajrya

Acharya Master, Tradicion Budista Mahajrya, Titulo Conferido

NOTICE:  I am not a Medical Doctor.  Suggestions for improved personal wellness and regarding herbs and supplements, all information shared with clients in this website, handed-out reference literature, and in person, and all services offered are part of a life style philosophy of holistic natural wellbeing and are NOT and should NOT be viewed or construed as medical advise.  NEVER stop medical treatment without the authorization of your physician.  ALWAYS consult your medical doctor or physician before beginning a new exercise routine, weight loss regimen or taking herbal, vitamin or any other type of dietary or nutritional supplements.  And always compliment suggestions for natural wellness solutions with your own research, understanding, prudence, self-responsibility and common sense.   Nothing expressed or implied is ever intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.

By purchasing services and/or supplements either on-line, over the phone or in person you agree that natural, alternative, holistic and complimentary services, supplements and techniques:

Do not treat medical diseases or conditions.
Do not diagnose medical diseases or conditions.
Do not prescribe medications for medical diseases or conditions.
Are only for the purpose of personal development and enhancement.
Are informative, motivational, educational.
Are a personal ministry and/or spiritual guidance in nature in whole or in part.
You fully understand that those assisting  you are not medical doctors.
You are simply seeking to learn about traditional natural means and ways for maintaining the best possible wellness of body, mind and spirit.
You are not seeking services or plan to meet with a practitioner while you are an agent on behalf of any federal, state or local agency or on a mission of entrapment or investigation.
You understand that fees paid for services are non-refundable and that you must take and complete the sessions purchased within 2-3 months from the date of purchase OR you must transfer the sessions to somebody else within said time frame limit of 3 months form date of purchase, otherwise you forfeit remaining sessions and fees paid without exceptions.