NOTICE:  I am not a Medical Doctor.  Suggestions for improved personal wellness and regarding herbs and supplements, all information shared with clients in this website, handed-out reference literature, and in person, and all services offered are part of a life style filosophy of holistic natural wellbeing and are NOT and should NOT be viewed or construed as medical advise.  NEVER stop medical treatment without the authorization of your physician.  ALWAYS consult your medical doctor or physician before begining a new excercise routine, weight loss regimen or taking herbal, vitamin or any other type of dietary or nutritional supplements.  And always compliment suggestions for natural wellness solutions with your own research, understanding, prudence, self-responsability and common sense.   Nothing expressed or implied is ever intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.

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Doctor of Naturopathy Program, Trinity School of Natural Health, Graduate


Certified Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Natural Health, Graduate

Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Graduate

Exercise Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified PN1, Graduate

Acharya Master, Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition, Conferred Title

Reiki Master, Usui Ryoho Tradition, Conferred Title

Meditation Teacher, The Southern California Psychic Institute,  Graduate

Excerpt from the Pastoral Medical Association Constitution:

The Almighty bestowed upon mankind all things natural, whether food or medicine, whether the laying of hands, whether counsel or prayer or whether another remedy not contrary to the Word.  He gave these things to heal the suffering.  He gave them as divine tools for His workers.

The Almighty in His infinite wisdom hath called many workers and we come together from many faiths and beliefs with one common goal.  We do not judge one belief against another nor healer against healer, we are one assembly of healers with one mission and together we hold these convictions.

Veronica Hinojos, R.M.


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Reiki Master, Tradicion Usui Ryoho, Titulo Conferido

Terapeuta en Integracion Emocional, Certificada IE

Maestra de Meditacion, Tradicion Budista Mahajrya

Acharya Master, Tradicion Budista Mahajrya, Titulo Conferido