NOTICE:  I am not a Medical Doctor.  Suggestions for improved personal wellness and regarding herbs and supplements, all information shared with clients in this website, handed-out reference literature, and in person, and all services offered are part of a life style filosophy of holistic natural wellbeing and are NOT and should NOT be viewed or construed as medical advise.  NEVER stop medical treatment without the authorization of your physician.  ALWAYS consult your medical doctor or physician before begining a new excercise routine, weight loss regimen or taking herbal, vitamin or any other type of dietary or nutritional supplements.  And always compliment suggestions for natural wellness solutions with your own research, understanding, prudence, self-responsability and common sense.   Nothing expressed or implied is ever intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition.

chronic physical symptoms

Step 1:

Bio-Energy Scanning

Natural Wellness in the 21st Century 

supported by Science and Technology.

Highly accurate wellness screening and reporting of your body's biological coherence (preferences) for rebalancing and self-healing.

The scanner will check over 170 Bio-Markers and determine the number of out-of-range and with-in-range markers.  It will then determine your body's coherence (preferences) for certain nutritional substances that most effectively bring back within range those bio-markers that were reported as out-of-range.

Currently, some practitioners call it functional medicine and previously it was referred to as applied kinesiology, and traditionally was referred to as muscle testing.  Current technology goes beyond all this and straight to the bio-energetics of your body for a much more accurate screening and reporting.


The BEST Galvanic Skin Response Technology

Based on nearly two centuries of scientific research

This technology is based on established scientific principles that date back to 1849, when physician and physiologist Emil du Bois-Reymond discovered that skin was electrically active. In 1879, Dubois-Reymond’s work was advanced further when French neurologist Charles Fere found that skin resistance could change based on emotional stimulation.

Now, over 150 years later, electrodermal activity (EDA), a term now used synonymously with galvanic skin response (GSR), has been the subject of hundreds of professional publications. Those who may be skeptical that a device can accurately measure GSR need only look at the scientific studies contained in many of these publications to find that the technology is anything but pseudoscience.

The only FDA-cleared galvanic skin response device

A Type 2 Medical Device

Step 2:

Begin on nutritional supplements

With the help of your Bio-Energy Scan results you will know your body's coherence (current preferences) for certain nutritional substances that will help you most effectively activate the body's self-healing response which, along with a balanced diet, will support you in enjoying a deeper and real sense of wellness as you progress on your holistic program.
*Cost of supplements is NOT included in the cost of your Initial Bio Energy Scan and varies according to individual needs.

Step 3:

Begin Bio-Energy

Balancing Therapy

We'll support your body's bio-energy field, centers (chakras), channels (meridians) for improved wellness results with the help of Body Acupoints, Ear Acupoints, Reiki Energy Balancing and acupoint mini-magnets.

We will do an AcuGraph Digital Imaging Scan to measure your body's energy meridians.  This will tell us your specific meridian deficiencies and excesses of energy so we can begin to address them.  Balancing your energy meridians will support your body's self-healing response.

We'll customize a personalized holistic wellness program package for you or you may simply purchase one of our standard Body Wellness Packages for chronic physical symptoms.

Our holistic methods are an easy way to begin addressing chronic physical symptoms effectively and a great compliment to your current medical treatment.  Complimentary Holistic Therapy is here to stay !



Step 4:

Re-Scan to see

your progress

Whether you have chronic physical symptoms that you are working on or simply working on maintaining your healthier life style and wellness levels, you will want to periodically re-scan so you can see how you are doing.

For chronic issues, it can take 3 to 6 months or even longer to reach your desired wellness goals, so we recommend  re-scans every 4-6 weeks to see your progress on your Bio Scan Report.

For wellness maintenance and healthier life style, you may re-scan anytime after 30 days as often as you feel you need it or want to be sure of how you are doing but definitely you will want to periodically check your bio-markers to be with-in-range.

You WILL benefit from Bio Scanning and Holistic Therapy


Experiencing Chronic Physical Symptoms

You have chronic physical symptoms that prevent you from feeling well and enjoying your life.  Chronic physical symptoms may include the following and many others.

- Inflammation

- Pain of different types

- Tiredness/weakness

- Lack of energy

- Metabolism (overly fast or slow)

- Environment sensitivities

- Weather sensitivities

- Food sensitivities 

- Glucose levels (high or low)

- Cholesterol levels (high or low)

- Compromised immune response

- Dry skin

- Poor elimination

- Imbalanced organ function

- Imbalanced body system function

- Poor oxygenation

- Breathing issues

- Dizziness

- Low or compromised renal function

- Poor digestion

- Bruises easily 

- Yeast/Fungus 

- Lack of appetite

- Uncontrolled appetite

- Parasites

- Viruses

-Excessive weight gain

-Excessive weight loss

- and many other symptoms

*IMPORTANT: Holistic techniques do not treat medical-named conditions or diseases.  Traditional Naturopathy addresses symptoms you describe, related body systems and organs in traditional ways and now with the help of technology

Athletes in Any Sport

Amateur or Professional

(Yound and Adult)


You are an athlete and want to compliment with holistic techniques to maximize your performance potential.

Competition is intense and fierce out there for athletes and anything you can do to help yourself and put you at an advantage will pay off in increased performance and successful results.

Our Bio Scan and holistic methods will easily compliment your current fitness and nutritional needs.

Conscious &  Wellness-Focused Individuals

You've decided to enjoy a long and healthy life style of responsible choices and preventive measures.  You actually care about your body's wellness levels and are willing to keep an eye on things and are ready to help your body stay in balance with nutrition, natural supplements and alternative techniques.

Our Bio Scan and Holistic techniques are perfect for you in maintaining your wellness levels as high as possible at all times giving you the best chance at living strong and joyful throughout your life.

New and Curious About Holistic Wellness

You've heard about holistic services and are now ready to give it a try and see what more and more people are doing and talking about.


That's right, more and more conscious and responsible individuals out there are returning to holistic services to compliment medical treatment or simply as part of their life style of natural wellness.


You are doing something great for yourself by coming to Holistic Therapy.  The world is changing and more of us are realizing that technology without heart is cold and does not promote wellness in the person.  Only personal contact with a wellness practitioner nurtures balance in the individual and in the individual's life.


We welcome you !

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