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Full Spectrum Valerian, Chamomile & Hops

Item |  SW1665

60 Caps


  • Promotes healthy relaxation*

  • Full spectrum herbal blend

  • Soothes mind and body*


Swanson Premium Brand brings you three of the supplement world's most time-honored relaxing herbs combined into one comforting formula: Valerian, Chamomile & Hops.


Valerian root promotes relaxation so your mind can rest.*


Chamomile soothes and comforts.


Hops makes you feel calm and relaxed.


This trio of herbs will help you get the rest and relaxation your mind and body need.*

Full Spectrum Valerian, Chamomile & Hops

  • Better Sleep To Keep Up With Kids

    " 4 kids and busy schedule. ... This really helps me get to sleep fast and better so I wake up more energized the next day. "



    " You can not ask for a lesser expensive natural sleeping pill. These capsules have a very strong valerian aroma and seem to be very effective escorting you into a dreamy state. Take two and within a half hour you will definitely start yawning. "


    Great product !

    " Helps relax and sleep deep in a very natural way ! "