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Thyroid Glandular (Thyroxin-Free)

Item |  SW1358

200 mg  60 Caps


  • Supports thyroid health

  • Certified thyroxin free

  • From New Zealand cattle


The thyroid gland is one of the most important endocrine glands in the body. It produces hormones that regulate metabolism and therefore affect nearly every cell and tissue in the body. Experts suggest that thyroid function can affect everything from our moods to our weight, libido, general feelings of physical comfort and wellness. Swanson Thyroxin-Free Thyroid Glandular supports thyroid health by supplying hormone-free thyroid gland tissue produced from flash-frozen New Zealand bovine thyroid.


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Thyroid Glandular (Thyroxin - Free)

  • Exceeded My Expectations

    " This product has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have used other supplements before, but none have given me the energy that this product does. Love it! "


    Another Type of Thyroid Supplement

    " I had been taking Swnson's Thyroid Essentials for over a year, but lately I was feeling very tired in the latter part of the day. So I researched the website to see what other product I might find. I am so glad I discovered another type of thyroid supplement. The Swanson Thyroid Glandular is just what I needed! Lots of energy until I'm winding down for bedtime!

    I rated 4 for convenience since you must take this on an empty stomach. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the difference it has made in my overall well being. "


    Works Great

    " It works great! good quality glandular. I take 3 a day and labs are fine, with no bad symptoms. I recommend this product. I just wish they come in bigger bottles. Thank you Swanson! "