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Take a look at my own personal latest report.
My complete report here
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Everybody's report is obviously different and mine I am very happy with because I have made improvement over time and I have a very good balanced system right now.
As you can see from the report the only system that I need to work on is the Detox system.  Everything else is in good wellness balance but not perfect.  There are specific bio-markers that need to be addressed in other systems and that will be balanced by the 2 supplements recommended on the report.
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It's important to note that in the private consultation you can also receive traditional naturopathic recommendations in addition to the report's.

In other words the zyto scan results can be a consideration in addition to traditional wellness recommendations, or the zyto scan results can be used as the only consideration for nutritional supplements.  It will be up to you.

I personally alternate between following the zyto scan results and traditionally well known nutritional remedies (nutritional supplements) and have been doing very well.

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